Life goes on. Frantic and material life robs human of sympathy for others. It turns us into the most cruel and reasonable creature in the whole world. So reasonable, so vicious. The rain washed away the bloody imprint. The culprit ran away. Police are always seeking. But rarely do these fake paragon of administrators help anything, their job is to report death, flatter, and take bribery. That is life.
When I grow up,

Experiencing the savage storms doesn’t mean seeing the rainbow ultimately, it means the tough task that burdens and forces everyone to continue

When I grow up,

I realize that life doesn’t always associated with hope, love.

It is, in fact, a sea of despair, of bitter coldness, pitch darkness, and burning aches that can drown and suffocate anyone who can’t struggle to swim in.

Time elapses, the predominant factor of living is not the affection, it becomes clear than ever, money dominates everything.

It is a jury, a goal, a deity to worship, a special type of tranquillizer for someone.

People treat others brutally, relationship become a benificial exchange.

When I grow up, life tastes bitter, no more sweetness of childhood memories.

It tastes sour, and bitter.
What petrifies me most is not the darkness, the height, but the icy manner, the unaided struggle under cover of darkness, with a hint of menace of the height.
The scare can traumatize me when it comes all of a sudden, but I get into the habit of feeling forlorn, it’s okay ^^~
Standing still for a moment, and contemplating the spectacular view of the city, which was washed away by the fine rain of the melting season.
The abrupt rain comes and goes in rush, cools down the piping hot weather, the burning pain, applies the emotionally colorful hue to a lively sence of my city.
The sudden rain coincidentally leaves behind the pool of colorful light, leaves someone’s eyes mist up 
All day wandering around little corner of my life
Abandoned to the hectic life, the blazing hot day
Abandoned to gales of laughter, to the giddy mixture of voices
… to the people who keep my mind occupied
Huddle myself up in the corner, feel like being left out from the world, sometimes it is fine to shield yourself against the spinning world outside ^^
10:07 PM
The rain pours down, lashing down everything. The sound of rain pattering on the window is always a great solace, everything circulates around is a feeling of washing away the powerful stress of hectic life. Rain clears up the streets,drowns out the sound of pain, relieves the suffering, the throbbing pain of someone’s heart.
After some sultry days, these when the blazing sun intrudes into everybody’s lives, boils away a little remaining strength, inadvertently creates a daily struggle against working, studying, thriving to recover from the strains of everyday living. It also makes commuting become a wrestling. Every round of the wrestling is exhausting, going out in hurry, hide yourselves by covering by fabric armor against the strong sunlight, missing something, thriving everyday, lock the weariness of pressure, of something wrong.
The rain pours, looms up, softens the tough life, brings the dim collections, suddenly the eyes feel wet, because of whom or just the rain is culprit.
If life is like a series of data lies in legions of files of a program full of glaring errors. Writing or deleting is possible, even throw something to trash, or obliterate it from your mind. But, even when a detrimental virus is on its way to infect, invade everything around, annihilating, pressing delete button is such a difficult task. It is completely different when some viruses jeopardize your computer, your files, you will press delete without reluctance, although it might mean that you lose something affiliated to that. Trying to press delete is an ache that hurt every minute, and for so long, it fades away, but in a seasonal day, the ache is burning in your heart. It wants to remind you how time elapses, how everything changes, but one thing is still throbbing, a chronic disease.
There is no doctor can come up with a cure for a disease that chases, burns every second
But, sometimes, just let it be, let it ache, let it hurt, let it drown you in a crowd, let it be so painful that makes you stagger to find a way out.
Just… be strong,stand tall, that gain strength to mere let it be, let it go in its way, after all, it is just a scar that will dwindle.